When I started training within the CrossFit methodology in 2007, I was searching for a way to get out of long running and elliptical workout days. Quite frankly, I found it boring and it took too much time out of my day. Plus, I enjoyed other exercises more, like lifting weights and bodyweight exercises. 

What I’ve discovered over the last 13 years is that aerobic training doesn’t have to be boring. It can be constantly varied and contain weightlifting, bodyweight exercises and all the things you love! It can be short, long or moderate in length. The variations are endless and can actually be fun!

Aerobic training is also highly beneficial for many goals, and as a result, you’ll often see aerobic training programmed a couple days per week for our clients at Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness.

Below is just a short list of the benefits you’ll receive by incorporating aerobic training into your regimen.


Long workouts with low intensity allow for a big calorie burn to take place during the effort as long as the focus is on maintaining a steady pace throughout the entirety of the workout. 

To maintain a steady pace throughout the workout it is important to include light weights and exercises that will allow you to continue to keep moving. A common mistake for many is choosing weights that are too heavy or exercises that are too difficult to maintain a steady pace. This mistake generally turns the workout into an interval workout and makes it highly crucial to have a coach to help guide you.

Our coaches are trained to help you choose weights and exercises to help you benefit the most from your time in the gym.


Aerobic workouts are great for building a base of conditioning that supports recovery from both weightlifting and high intensity efforts. 

Aerobic training is a great tool for improving cardiovascular function and moving blood and oxygen around in your body. When kept at a low intensity, these types of efforts are key for reducing muscle soreness and aiding in injury recovery. We don’t want to perform these daily, but a couple times a week is ideal.

These types of workouts are also great for improving intra-workout recovery. Meaning it’s beneficial for training your body to recover faster within a workout effort.

The key for recovery and injury prevention in an aerobic setting is to set a steady pace, focus on your movement quality and try not to push yourself into a major discomfort zone. 


Aerobic training is beneficial for improving endurance, meaning it leads to an increase in cardiovascular capacity, the ability to deliver oxygen to the body and trains the body’s ability to work under pressure for long periods of time.

Aerobic training is much more than just a boring run on the treadmill! It is a necessity for a healthier and leaner body. From workout and injury recovery to heart health, the health benefits are beyond comprehension, so get out there and start moving!

At Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness, we offer you both nutrition & fitness coaching, from personal training to group CrossFit classes we have the keys to help you reach your goals! 

Our personal trainers and group coaches value lifting weights, and using multi-jointed, functional exercises performed at high intensity. You don’t have to guess about what to do! 

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COACH PHIL KNIEP – Owner & CEO of Lincoln Nutrition & Fitness

Precision Nutrition L1 Coach

CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Endurance Certified

Mobility Certified

Scaling Certified

3x CrossFit Games Qualifier

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