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Saturday 5.20.17

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Open Gym! 8 AM to 10 AM Free Team Workout! 9 AM to 10 AM This video will make you smile [embed][/embed] Competitor. *Week 7-Day 4/6* Olympic. A. E:90 x 5 sets 3 Position Pause Squat Clean (hi-hang, hang, low-hang) @ 70-80% of 1RM Clean *3 second pause in each…

Friday 5.19.17

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Gymnastics Warm-up/Skill. A. 1 round: :55on/:15off Plank Hold (Top, arms extended) :55on/:15off Alligator Hold (bottom of push-up, chest 1" off ground) *Alternate between exercises B. 2 rounds: :25on/:15off Ring Dip Support Hold (Top) :25on/:15off Ring Dip Bottom Hold *Alternate between exercises C. 3 rounds: 3 x 3-count ring pushups (feet…